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Miss South Pacific - an exotic blend of sophistication and native cultures

    The grace, the beauty, the poise and an exotic blend of sophistication and diverse native cultures of the South Pacific were undeniably obvious at the crowning of Miss South Pacific at the Waigani Indoor stadium in Port Moresby last Saturday. Miss Cook Islands, Joyanna Meyer (above and middle) was the outright winner scoring high marks in the - talent and sarong categories which were conducted at the Lamana on Friday night and in the national dress and the Final interview categories. The mechanical engineering student from Auckland university walked away with the Miss Photogenic, Miss Sarong & Miss Talent in addition to the major award.
·         The event was the first ever for PNG.
·         PNG was privileged to be selected to be the host. The organising committee made up of volunteers were privileged to have been involved and took the event up as a challenge despite the lack of facilities in Port Moresby
·         The Pageant was seen as an opportunity to shine the spotlight on PNG’s assets, vast resources & potential as this country steps onto the threshold of an economic boom.
·         There were many attendees on Saturday who were in fact blown away by the the unique show put on by the contestants. It was their night; it was about them, their resources, their countries & their qualities.
·         If there is anything to take away from the event, it is the lesson that we Papua New Guineans need to step up to equal or better our smaller South Pacific neighbours. We need to be positive about ourselves, our future and take a giant leap in “polishing our acts” with grace and beauty and respect for our fellowmen/women whilst embracing our unique cultures.

The beautiful line-up with the new Miss South Pacific taking centre-stage.                                             
Photos - Rocky Roe

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