Just about everyone in Papua New Guinea has a legend or folklore that is animated into a traditional dance and performed at ceremonies. These stories, dances and ceremonies identify who we are and our uniqueness in the melting pot of urban centres where many of us now reside. Often these dances and myths have messages or lessons that are passed down the generations through this form of oral history.


ORO..ORO..ORO!! (Oro means "Welcome" in the languages used in the Northern Province of Papua New Guinea). The word conjures up images of graceful dancing warriors adorned with flamboyant headdress made from Bird of Paradise feathers and hornbill beaks, jabbing spears into the air, chanting "Oro...Oro..Oro" to visitors or new arrivals. With the same fervour and passion albeit humbly, I say "Oro..Oro..Oro" to you.
As often as I am able to, I will be sharing with you stories of my village Begabari, my province (Northern or Oro) and my beautiful country, Papua New Guinea. Let me just explain what my village means because it is important to know where one comes from, in order that one knows where he/she is going. Bega means "peace" and bari means "to take", or "taken". My village is located on the shores of Lake Koena on the North Coast of Oro province, and it is the place where peace was made after years of fighting long long ago.

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