It is always great to get out into the country. You have that much-deserved break and to catch your breath from the rat race of the city. Madang, like all the maritime provincial towns in PNG, is Paradise, and I enjoyed being there last week.It's awesome coastline with endless long white beaches, coiled like a pearl necklace around a mountainous neckline, begs to be recognised for something more than its physical appearance.

It's recently declared maritime park on the North-Coast has hit a snag with landowners who want to reclaim the land from the government whilst in the South-coast, the giant Ramu Nickel mine has halted due to procedural contraventions by the Chinese developer MCC. This hasn't prevented them from building an impressive glass-walled office premises in Madang town.Meanwhile much of the informal sector such as the fish markets & the fast food outlets have been shut down due to the outbreak of Cholera in the neighbouring Morobe province which is in close proximity and accessible by road, sea & air. The fresh food market is thriving though, with a daily abundance of tropical fruits, vegetables and artefacts, sold in all of the colours of the rainbow.

Sad to say that the Air Niugini service to one of the country's most visited destinations is left wanting. The latest schedule is not adhered to & off-loading of passengers is becoming commonplace. Hopefully, the snowballing effect of cancelled or delayed flights will cease before the Chirstmas rush begins.


Over the years I have noticed the increasing prominence of RED, BLACK & GOLD colours being flown proudly on the streets, cars and by people of all walks of life around this time of the year.

On September 16 to be exact, as it is the date the Australian flag was lowered and the new PNG flag hoisted on Independence Hill, Waigani in 1975.

In memory of the late Kingsley Eroro

Today is 11th September and it is one month since the fatal crash that killed 13 people on the Airlines PNG twin otter in the Kokoda Gap.

One of the passengers was 55-year-old Kingsley Eroro, a Foreman at the Porgera minesite who was on his way for a break to see his family. He is survived by wife Grace (originally from Malo island in Vanuatu), 4 children, 2 grandchildren, his parents, 4 brothers & 5 sisters.

Tracking Kokoda with Culture & Tourism Minister

Last week my Oro wantok and Post Courier journalist Newman Cuthbert accompanied Tourism & Culture Minister, Mr Charles Abel on a walk across the Kokoda Track starting on banks of the mighty Kumusi river, whose bridge was washed away by Cyclone Guba in 2007. Below is what Newman relayed to me via email:


It's certainly not easy being a Blogger. I know...I know...I've only been at it for a few days but I have to say it. In fact I actually registered as a Blogger, by accident mind you, in February of this year when I was checking out the Google sites. Then I found out only last month that I did have a blogsite and was a "blogger". A bit slow aren't I really, especially when it comes to technology.

To tell you the truth, I phoned up and spoke to a couple of techno-nerds who I believe are experts in blogging, twitting and face-book craze and tried to assure myself that I was going to be Ok with what I was going to take up---you know in blogging.

So if you find my blogsite is lacking lustre right now, I promise you a big and brighter future lies ahead. Now...let me just go and find out how to post a photograph and, oh...install a counter etc while I'm at it..HAPPY VIEWING!!

The Brilliance and Beauty of PNG orchids

Papua New Guinea holds many world records – particularly in relation to its rich bio-diversity and unique fauna and flora. The varieties of orchids especially, have their basis in a rich gene pool that has fascinated botanists, gardeners and hobbyists worldwide. For the last five years the PNG Orchid Society has brought to the fore the remarkable brilliance and beauty of this gene pool in its annual show at the Sir Rabbie Namaliu Garden located within the National Parliament grounds in Port Moresby.


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