It is always great to get out into the country. You have that much-deserved break and to catch your breath from the rat race of the city. Madang, like all the maritime provincial towns in PNG, is Paradise, and I enjoyed being there last week.It's awesome coastline with endless long white beaches, coiled like a pearl necklace around a mountainous neckline, begs to be recognised for something more than its physical appearance.

It's recently declared maritime park on the North-Coast has hit a snag with landowners who want to reclaim the land from the government whilst in the South-coast, the giant Ramu Nickel mine has halted due to procedural contraventions by the Chinese developer MCC. This hasn't prevented them from building an impressive glass-walled office premises in Madang town.Meanwhile much of the informal sector such as the fish markets & the fast food outlets have been shut down due to the outbreak of Cholera in the neighbouring Morobe province which is in close proximity and accessible by road, sea & air. The fresh food market is thriving though, with a daily abundance of tropical fruits, vegetables and artefacts, sold in all of the colours of the rainbow.

Sad to say that the Air Niugini service to one of the country's most visited destinations is left wanting. The latest schedule is not adhered to & off-loading of passengers is becoming commonplace. Hopefully, the snowballing effect of cancelled or delayed flights will cease before the Chirstmas rush begins.



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