PNG's First ICT & Innovation Expo

Papua New Guinea's first Innovation & ICT Expo will be held at the Hideaway Hotel on the 5th & 6th November. Over 20 corporate organisations have registered to participate. There will be a shuttle bus run between the bus stop next to 4 Mile Traffic Police and Hideaway Hotel over the 2 days providing convenience to those without transport.

Miss South Pacific Pageant

 Below is a letter from the Secretary General of the PNG Red Cross Society
 Dear All,

The Miss South Pacific Pageant (MSPP) is coming to PNG, with our very own Miss Papua New Guinea, Miss Rachel Sapery James, proudly representing PNG at this Pageant. This inaugural event will be held in Port Moresby from the 21st – 27th November 2010.

In our bid to prepare Miss PNG for the MSPP, we invite you to Miss PNG Zumba fitness Party” happening on Saturday 6th November 2010 from 3pm- 4pm at the Sir John Guise Indoor Complex.  This Zumba fitness party will be coordinator by Mila Nash of McNash Fitness and First Aid will be provided by PNG Red Cross First Aid Volunteers.

There will be prizes for the best outfit, best dancer, fittest looking and performing participants so come along and support Miss PNG. The tickets are selling at K20.00 adults and K15.00 for kids below the age of 12 . You can purchase the ticket at the front desk on that day. For more information  you can contact ‘Chrissilla Kabe on 3229175.

Amazing Landscape Photography

Some years ago I had the privilege of travelling through Europe staying in Bed & Breakfast places, meeting interesting people and seeing some breathtaking places. 
I remember stopping after dark to find a Bed & Breakfast place on the Isle of Skye on the tip of Scotland after a tiring journey. My beautiful memories of that trip were jogged by this amazing photography in the link below.

Old Issues, New Solutions

As Papua New Guinea enter its 35th year as an independent country, its options—the risks and the opportunities—are looking surprisingly familiar.
It has, of course, as its leader, the most durable, cleverest politician whom the Pacific region has ever produced, in Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare. He has been prime minister for 16 of PNG’s 35 years.
Still, the succession remains uncertain—both the cause of instability within his own ranks and the wider political terrain and a tool through which he subtly maintains power.
Just as so often in PNG’s past, the country is entering an upbeat period on the crucial economic front, with growth expected to reach eight percent this year, well ahead of the rest of the islands region—except Vanuatu—on the back of the launch of the costly construction of ExxonMobil’s A$16.5 billion liquefied natural gas project.

What they are saying about Kumuls

By Wayne Heming, AAP  

They're the Four Nations underdogs, given no chance against rugby league super powers Australia, New Zealand and England. But the always-smiling Kumuls, playing for the first time under Papua New Guinea's very own Wally Lewis - the ageless Stanley Gene - are in Australia to play for far more than glory.
According to rookie coach Gene, the Kumuls are playing for the future youth of a country besieged by serious social issues, tribal killings and crying out for leaders who can force a cultural changes so desperately needed following 35 years of independence.

In a rugged, harsh country of almost 1,000 tribes speaking more than 800 different languages, PNG's government believes these young footballers can deliver hope and change for millions of young people.

October is Cancer Awareness Month so please go check yourself

Last Friday's Breakfast organised by the Women Doctors Association was a great success with overwhelming support from over 300 women. BMI (Body Mass Index), blood pressure levels, blood sugar level, tests and appointments were the order of the day for women who had queued up at the Crowne Plaza since 6AM. The Doctors were running late but this was the first brekkie as such, and they have learnt to do it better next time. The breakfast was intercepted by educational powerpoint presentations and talks by doctors as well as beautiful harmonies from a couple of singers from the SDA church  --- yes, you guessed it of them was a Doctor!

Meanwhile, a great health package is being offered by non-government organisation Marie Stopes PNG. Their clinic is at Boroko on the same road that leads to the betting shop (Horse Racing). This is a golden opportunity for only K3.00.

World's oldest high-altitude settlements 'found in PNG'

SYDNEY — The world's oldest known high-altitude human settlements, dating back up to 49,000 years, have been found sealed in volcanic ash in Papua New Guinea mountains, archaeologists said Friday.

Researchers have unearthed the remains of about six camps, including fragments of stone tools and food, in an area near the town of Kokoda, said an archaeologist on the team, Andrew Fairbairn.
"What we've got there are basically a series of campsites, that's what they look like anyway. The remains of fires, stone tools, that kind of thing, on ridgetops," the University of Queensland academic told AFP.
"It's not like a village or anything like that, they are these campsite areas that have been repeatedly used."

Cancer Awareness, Crown Plaza Friday October 8th 2010

Cancer of the cervix remains the number one killer of women in PNG and the incidence is one of the highest in the world.   
The Women Doctors Association (WDA) will be hosting a breakfast at the Crown Plaza on Friday 8th October to raise awareness on cervical cancer. You are invited to support this cause be way of purchasing a table for 10 women (your friends or staff in your organisation) to attend this breakfast session.   
The cost of a table is K2000 and will include breakfast, an opportunity to have a Well Woman Check and an appointment to have a pap smear done at a participating medical centre. The keynote speaker will be Dr Jacob Morewaya, Head of Pathology Division, Medical school, UPNG. Dr Morewaya is a pathologist specialising in histopathology, the branch of science involved in diagnosing cancers. 

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