Pay yourself first...

Taken from Money Matters column in Nambawan Super's September edition of TokTok Supa newsletter

" Money experts generally agree that setting a reasonable budget, and sticking to it, can be really helpful in saving money to build long-term financial security. But even with the best intentions, sometimes it can be hard to find enough money left over from our pay after taking out the mortgage or rent, regular living expenses and the unexpected costs that crop up from time to time. Here’s a tried and true method to help you make saving a habit.

Pay yourself first...There is no ‘right’ answer for how much to save. The amount will depend on your personal circumstances. You might decide to choose a percentage of your salary (“I’m going to save 10% of my salary every month.”). Or you could decide on a particular Kina amount (“I’m going to save K100 every month”.) 

Decide how much you want to save from your pay. Often we don’t miss what we don’t have. So if you can set up a direct deposit into your savings account or voluntary super contributions  , or if your employer can make the deposit directly from your pay, it will probably make it easier to maintain a healthy savings habit.

An Engan teacher's struggle to make a difference

“Noah Kason is my name. I have served the Education department as a teacher for 24 years and currently I am the Head Teacher of Malaumanda Community School. Malamaunda is located in the central mountain ranges which divide the two “wan wara” provinces – Enga to the south and East Sepik to the north. The school is located in the gold-rich district of Laigap.

I am assisted by two teachers in the school – Mr Simon Robert is the senior teacher and Mr Peter Kopem is the assistant teacher. We are all from Wapenamanda District, Enga. Our strong ambition is to educate less fortunate young people in this remote part of Papua New Guinea so that they can become teachers and community health workers and can go back and serve their own people”.

Independence Celebrations Oro style

This post is dedicated to Shannon and Melvin who worked so hard to ensure that the Ta'tao'on dance was performed well by their peers from the various parts of Oro province at the Kokofa Cultural event last Friday at Gordons Secondary school in Port Moresby. 

Shannon - all fitted out and ready with his miniature Kundu drum

Shannon and Melvin

The boys of the Oro dance group.

 The girls of the Oro dance group

 Students aged between 16 & 19 years participated in the traditional dance performances and the parents were on hand to dress and decorate them.

...and the little ones did not shy away from the action..

This is the dance formation before the Oro provincial group went out first. They were supposed to perform 4th out of about 25 groups but they couldn't wait. 

Yet another logging operation in Oro Province

Dear All,
Note these pictures taken from another full scale logging site in the Oro Province. 
This is happening right under the noses of authorities and yet no one has investigated the legality of this activity. It started off as a restoration exercise after the Cyclone Guba disaster in 2007 which ravaged many coastal villages. A prominent citizen and businessman offered to carry out salvage logging in the area by using portable hand saw mounted on a truck to cut timber to help locals rebuild their houses at Pongani, a village near Oro Bay  that lost 98% of its houses.

Instead, the operation went into selectively logging out Kwila, (merbau or incia). To date no timber has been sawn and given to local villagers but only one single species is being  stock piled and a jetty is being built at Oro Bay to ship out the logs.

The loggers even went into  the Managalas Conservation Area, in the mountainous region behind Oro Bay, which is only months away from being declared. 
Adelbert Gangai

Air Niugini's week

 Last week was certainly Air Niugini's week.As part of its rebranding exercise, the national flag carrier launched a magnificent new range of uniforms. From jackets, pant suits, pleated skirts, scarves, handbags to elegant blouses. I do not know what the concept of the colour scheme is from but it certainly looked like the 'flame of the forest' or orchids on EMTV. The fashion parade was held at Crowne Plaza on a catwalk that was designed like an airport runway.The flight attendants were choreographed professionally to model the uniforms. Esther Sapulai from Manus, the longest serving flight attendant, was a key figure featured at the fashion show.

Happy Independence celebrations !!

We are celebrating our 35th Independence anniversary this week (16th September) and schools in Port Moresby are bracing themselves for various activities including traditional dance performances.

If you aren't doing anything, go to Korobosea International School on Wednesday or the Gordon Secondary school on Friday. There will be traditional dances from all 20 provinces.

You can expect colour, vibrancy and energy from our young ones.

Government to recall Parliament to discuss Women's Seats

                                               By Jonathan Tannos - Post Courier
THE Government may have to move to recall Parliament for a special session before the November 16 Budget session.
Indications at this stage are that it will do so to pass the proposed 22 reserved seats for women candidates and its Supplementary Budget which are top of the priority list at this stage.
The Supplementary Budget Bill will total about K533 million and indications are that its 2011 budget is likely to achieve the K8 billion mark. The proposed K533 million supplementary budget was announced last week in the Highlands and Morobe by Finance and Treasury Minister, Peter O’Neill.

No recall of Parliament for women's Reserved Seats

Source - The National

The government has no plans to recall Parliament early to pass important outstanding legislations such as the bill to appoint women representatives to Parliament.
Planning Minister and leader of government business Mr Paul Tiensten said there was no point in recalling Parliament when there was no guarantee of numbers to support the bill.

"Unless I know that there is support from the Opposition, and I know we have the numbers on the floor, the Government will recall Parliament and introduce the bill.
"We cannot introduce the bill and not have the numbers (to pass it)," he said.

Tiensten suggested, with some sarcasm, that the womenfolk should start lobbying with parliamentarians to get the number for the government to introduce the bill.

This will disappoint many women leaders who had spent a lot of time and resources campaigning throughout the country, listening to people and garnering support for the bill.

Pontoons with logging equipment at Oro Bay

Pictures by Adelbert Gangai

The pictures were taken last Sunday at Oro Bay. A new mystery pontoon with a tug boat has berthed along side the first one. There is no equipment on the new arrival and Mr Gangai says he is still investigating its origin and purpose and will keep us posted. 
Gangai say, "As far as the landowners are concerned the project is a no go! The pontoon and its cargo should be confiscated and the Managing Director (named company) arrested for trying the laws of this country. The land titles are cancelled and the FCA is suspended. This foreigner has no respect for our laws. He should be charged by customs and deported.

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