Yet another logging operation in Oro Province

Dear All,
Note these pictures taken from another full scale logging site in the Oro Province. 
This is happening right under the noses of authorities and yet no one has investigated the legality of this activity. It started off as a restoration exercise after the Cyclone Guba disaster in 2007 which ravaged many coastal villages. A prominent citizen and businessman offered to carry out salvage logging in the area by using portable hand saw mounted on a truck to cut timber to help locals rebuild their houses at Pongani, a village near Oro Bay  that lost 98% of its houses.

Instead, the operation went into selectively logging out Kwila, (merbau or incia). To date no timber has been sawn and given to local villagers but only one single species is being  stock piled and a jetty is being built at Oro Bay to ship out the logs.

The loggers even went into  the Managalas Conservation Area, in the mountainous region behind Oro Bay, which is only months away from being declared. 
Adelbert Gangai



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