Air Niugini's week

 Last week was certainly Air Niugini's week.As part of its rebranding exercise, the national flag carrier launched a magnificent new range of uniforms. From jackets, pant suits, pleated skirts, scarves, handbags to elegant blouses. I do not know what the concept of the colour scheme is from but it certainly looked like the 'flame of the forest' or orchids on EMTV. The fashion parade was held at Crowne Plaza on a catwalk that was designed like an airport runway.The flight attendants were choreographed professionally to model the uniforms. Esther Sapulai from Manus, the longest serving flight attendant, was a key figure featured at the fashion show.

I watched the show that was produced for EMTV on Sunday night and was impressed with the interviews with Esther and Olga - another long-serving flight attendant. Eva Arni did a superb job as presenter of the program. The night before, was a reunion of flight attendants who travelled home from around the world & PNG. I have a sister who is a former flight attendant and a cousin who still works as one so I bought a ticket for K100.00 and went to the gathering at the Crowne Plaza (see photo).

This time, a fashion parade featured former uniforms that had been been worn over the last 30 odd years. My personal favourite is the Bird of Paradise brilliantly displayed in flight on the front of peach orange, lime green and mellow yellow outfits. Such show-stoppers - they were in these colourful uniforms!! These were the days when flight attendants were the trend setters and fashionistas......before cable TV and Internet began to influence dress styles, standards, music and latest fads. It was good to meet many of the ladies & men who were definitely high-flyers in the heydays. I met one who told me she is a regular reader of this blogsite - sorry I cannot remember your name... but it was wonderful to have met you.


Steve Bennett said...

Any chance of a photo or two of the new uniforms?

Euralia Paine said...


Unfortunately I have been unable to get any pics. I hear Air Niugini wants to go public with photos and the outfits when all the crew is fitted and ready.


Euralia Paine said...

Oh - you can get to see the pictures in the airline's website & facbook -



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