Independence Celebrations Oro style

This post is dedicated to Shannon and Melvin who worked so hard to ensure that the Ta'tao'on dance was performed well by their peers from the various parts of Oro province at the Kokofa Cultural event last Friday at Gordons Secondary school in Port Moresby. 

Shannon - all fitted out and ready with his miniature Kundu drum

Shannon and Melvin

The boys of the Oro dance group.

 The girls of the Oro dance group

 Students aged between 16 & 19 years participated in the traditional dance performances and the parents were on hand to dress and decorate them.

...and the little ones did not shy away from the action..

This is the dance formation before the Oro provincial group went out first. They were supposed to perform 4th out of about 25 groups but they couldn't wait. 


Anonymous said...

Oro Kaiwa! Oro, oro!


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