Pontoons with logging equipment at Oro Bay

Pictures by Adelbert Gangai

The pictures were taken last Sunday at Oro Bay. A new mystery pontoon with a tug boat has berthed along side the first one. There is no equipment on the new arrival and Mr Gangai says he is still investigating its origin and purpose and will keep us posted. 
Gangai say, "As far as the landowners are concerned the project is a no go! The pontoon and its cargo should be confiscated and the Managing Director (named company) arrested for trying the laws of this country. The land titles are cancelled and the FCA is suspended. This foreigner has no respect for our laws. He should be charged by customs and deported.
The closest thing to any arrest at all was when six illegal immigrants with their illegal firearms were taken into custody at Wanigela in June. At the wisdom of the policeman in-charge he took them to Port Moresby who disappeared into thin air. 

To date no arrests have been made. With the Foreigner lobbying senior government officials to break the laws it is high time the Major Crimes Investigation Task Force be called in. This is criminal. This foreigner is out to rob a major bank which is our forests and those who are supposed to protect us from this Timber Mafia have the nerve to tolerate the foreigner!"



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