Anglicare gets top marks

Source - The National

Anglicare StopAIDS has received high praise from the UNAIDS executive director and under general secretary to the United Nations (UN) Mr Michael Sidibe during his visit to the Centre last week.

Mr Sidibe said; "Life demonstrates that when a woman is in charge of an organisation, you are making a difference".

He commended Anglicare's director Dominica Bessie Abo for providing all the necessary services for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) and the less fortunate with life skills, care and counselling and treatment.

"You are recreating life and restoring dignity for people, which are a blessing from God; " Sidibe said.

He was taken on a tour around the centre's various facilities including the new STI (sexually transmitted infections) clinic.

The new building is named "Begabari" which means place of peace in my language. (Begabari is in fact the name of my village and has been taken to be used in the city's Anglicare village at Waigani by the Anglican Church).


The Anuki Country Press said...

Good to hear about Anglicare's success and about Begabari being part of that success story.


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