Cricket & AFL in PNG reaching for greater heights

A couple of weeks ago I attended the opening of the new turf at the Amini Park by the Australian cricket legend, Doug Walters. The event was the highlight of a three-day cricket match between a visiting Australian Indigenous Team and the PNG Barramundi Team.

I was at the clubhouse from 11.30pm to about 5.30pm and thoroughly enjoyed the 20/20 game between the young indigenous Australians who are coached by former Australian International, Craig McDermot; and the Barramundi Team. As a die-hard cricket fan I am certainly looking forward to seeing more matches at Amini Park.

The work that has gone into preparing the surface of the turf and the Amini Park grounds in general, is nothing short of remarkable. Thanks to the efforts of Hebou and other sponsors like Brian Bell....our young cricketers will have an international standard grounds to play in.

The grounds will be shared by the AFL PNG as well. AFL International development manager Tony Woods was in PNG last week to pave the way further for Papua New Guineans to play in the top level league in Australia.

"I'm confident that it won't be too long before we see a PNG national playing at the elite level in the AFL", Woods said.

Woods who arrived in PNG with AFL Asia Pacific Development Manager, Andrew Cadzo, was here to see the progress made in the sport in PNG so far.

The strategic alliance between Cricket PNG and AFL PNG to share the Amini Park grounds will certainly cement a good foundation for our young stars to shine whether here or internationally.


Anonymous said...

Euralia, congratulations on a fine blog.

Keep up the news from a fine nation.


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