Cricketers head to overseas clubs

When businessman and philanthropist Sir Brian Bell passed away recently, many remembered him as having left a significant legacy. And so he has. One example is the announcement made this week that 14 young PNG cricketers will have places in Australian cricket clubs - thanks due mainly to the Brian Bell Future Star Scholarship 2010-2011.

The selected players are :- Rarua Dikana (Bentleigh Club - Melbourne), Kila Pala (Airport West Club - Melbourne), Loa Nou (Box Hill Club - Melbourne), Jason Kila (Box Hill & Coles Sharks - Melbourne, Pipi Raho (Dhoutta Stars - Melbourne) Mahuru Dai (Broadmeadows - Melbourne), Sese Bau (Bentleigh - Melbourne), Tony Ura (Broadmeadows - Melbourne), Hitolo Areni (Broadmeadows - Melbourne), Lega Siaka (Dhoutta Stars & Coles Sharks - Melbourne), Raymond Haoda (Norths Club - Brisbane), Asad Vala (Ginniderra Club - ACT), Jack Vare ( Ginniderra Club - ACT) and Norma Ovasuru (TBC Club - Tasmania).

The Brian Bell Future Stars scholarship program is designed to select Papua New Guinean cricketers with great potential who will benefit from exposure to elite competition and coaching  in another country.



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