No recall of Parliament for women's Reserved Seats

Source - The National

The government has no plans to recall Parliament early to pass important outstanding legislations such as the bill to appoint women representatives to Parliament.
Planning Minister and leader of government business Mr Paul Tiensten said there was no point in recalling Parliament when there was no guarantee of numbers to support the bill.

"Unless I know that there is support from the Opposition, and I know we have the numbers on the floor, the Government will recall Parliament and introduce the bill.
"We cannot introduce the bill and not have the numbers (to pass it)," he said.

Tiensten suggested, with some sarcasm, that the womenfolk should start lobbying with parliamentarians to get the number for the government to introduce the bill.

This will disappoint many women leaders who had spent a lot of time and resources campaigning throughout the country, listening to people and garnering support for the bill.



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