It's certainly not easy being a Blogger. I know...I know...I've only been at it for a few days but I have to say it. In fact I actually registered as a Blogger, by accident mind you, in February of this year when I was checking out the Google sites. Then I found out only last month that I did have a blogsite and was a "blogger". A bit slow aren't I really, especially when it comes to technology.

To tell you the truth, I phoned up and spoke to a couple of techno-nerds who I believe are experts in blogging, twitting and face-book craze and tried to assure myself that I was going to be Ok with what I was going to take up---you know in blogging.

So if you find my blogsite is lacking lustre right now, I promise you a big and brighter future lies ahead. Now...let me just go and find out how to post a photograph and, oh...install a counter etc while I'm at it..HAPPY VIEWING!!



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