Images from Lake Murray, Western Province

Above are pictures taken by my nephew Eddie on Lake Murray in the Western Province of PNG. Lake Murray is the largest lake in Papua New. Lake Murray is located in the Middle Fly District of Western Province. According to wikipedia the lake covers approximately 647 km²  and in the wet season increases to five times the size. It has a highly convoluted shoreline more than 2000 km long. The lake has been a source of nourishment for many of the local peoples. Freshwater sawfish have been caught in its shallow waters to feed the crocodilesfreshwater crocodile farming operation. Local tribes of around 5000 people own the lake and the surrounding one million hectares of forest. Also, a cryptid known as "Murray" purportedly lives, or used to live, in the lake. This creature was described as resembling a theropod dinosaur such as Tyrannosaurus.
In 2003, logging company Concord Pacific was forced out of the area by Greenpeace and other NGO's. 100,000 hectares of ancient forest was degraded by the logging along the Kiunga-Aiambak road.


Steven Winduo said...

Refreshing and breathtaking pictures, a glimpse of the untouched beauty of PNG. Thank you for the pictures and story.

www.BerlLinks said...

..Yet again... the millions of best places on earth.. what more can we say, its natural beauty at its best...


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