The Papua New Games opens this weekend with Teams from almost all 20 provinces in the country.

The Prime Minsiter announced K1.5 million yesterday for the Games to be staged in Port Moresby. But sadly there are provinces still scrounging around for money to send their teams into the nation's capital. One such province is Oro. It was promised money by the Governor and the Ijivitari MP. The money from the Ijivitari MP was reported in the papers as having been contributed.

In a last minute bid to support Team Oro, fundraising activities by Port Moresby residents went into full swing including a Concert by Oro Gospel Group "Voice In The Wind" last Sunday at the Drill Hall, University of PNG.

Whatever amount being raised, not just by Team Oro supporters, but other province supporters, has all good intentions and I know will be channeled appropriately to make each one of us proud to be from our individual provinces.



Anonymous said...

'Voice in the Wind' still going strong - that's great news. Is John Uware still part of the Band? I wish them all the best in their fund-raising efforts. If I were there - would have helped performing some of my own gospel songs. All the best for the Games and yes, may the best team win.


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