The force of Mother Nature cannot be controlled, and in a lot of cases, nor can it be predicted. Often, the devastation and the misery it causes cannot be fathomed. But as strong-willed as we are, and for the sake of preservation, we pick up the pieces, rebuild and move on with our lives. We find strength from the help that is rallied around us. Most importantly, somewhere inside us all, comes a strength that is beyond our comprehension yet, is so powerful. This is the resilient force that takes us out of degradation, humiliation and wretchedness into sustenance, longevity and hope. During good times, we are so busy with living that we do not acknowledge  this strength.

It is only when we face adversity that the true realisation hits us that - what the natural environment provides us is expendable, and can just as easily be taken away from us without warning.

Now.......all of the above, I understand and can live with, or at least around it. What irks me is when Man creates a "disaster" because of his inefficiency, short-sightedness, complacency or simple carelessness. The case in point is the Oro Restoration Authority. It was provided over K60 million after Cyclone Guba in 2007 yet much of that was not utilised. Twenty-two bridges, numerous culverts, roads and vital links to bring services to the people were destroyed  by floods and continuous heavy rains. Just over K10 million of the money allocated was used for restoration of....I don't know what exactly. The rest was not released or left in the Government coffers.

 This is the sort of negligence that exists to undermine the progress that should take place to rectify  the damage caused by nature. This is the Man-made disaster that prolongs the misery of our people.



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