Opposition Against Proposed Amendment for women's seats in Parliament

By Harlyn Joku - Post Courier

The Opposition is the first group to come out publicly against the proposed amendments to the Constitution to allow for Reserved Seats for women.
Opposition Leader Sir Mekere Morauta and Deputy Bart Philemon openly voiced their concerns on the proposed women's law at a press conference at Parliament yesterday.
Sir Mekere said the clause in Section 101 and 102 on Nominated Seats need to be deleted from the Constitution before the women's bill was introduced while Mr Philemon said it was a costly exercise and a piecemeal approach.

Both Sir Mekere and Mr Philemon said a holistic approach was needed in relation to the creation of any further seats on the floor of Parliament.
"We do hold the gender and women issue dearly to our hearts but there needs to be a holistic approach to it", Sir Mekere said.

" The Government must be holistic - come up with an electoral reforms package addressing all the election-related matters collectively so members have a full appreciation of the looming problems, the limited time, and the implications of their decision including costs." Mr Philemon said.




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