Some wishes for 2011

Was it really the year of the "noughties"? I began to wonder before Christmas.Then I realised there were highlights as well as some lowlights. Below is my list and what to look forward to in 2011.

1) The financial close (signing of agreement) for the $US 30 billion PNG LNG project to begin
2) The second LNG project initiated by Interoil
3) General positive outlook of the economy in anticipation of above 
4) Building boom in main centres with the 2 superfunds leading the way as major developers
5) Government initiated discussions and submission for Cabinet to establish the Sovereign Wealth Fund as a way to sustain the wealth to be generated by the PNG LNG
6) Staging of Miss South Pacific Pageant in PNG
7) Australia's first female Prime Minister


1) The male-dominated PNG Parliament's lack of support for the Bill to have 22 Reserved Seats for women despite heavy lobbying
2) The challenge on the process in which the Governor General was re-elected
3) The proposed controversial changes to the laws governing the Ombudsman Commission  
4) The loss of elder statesman and PNG's business icon the late Sir Brian Bell
5) The use of Vuvuzelas at the soccer World Cup
6) The Australian cricket team's performance in the Ashes Series

What to look forward to in 2011?

1) Passing of the Bill for 22 Reserved Seats for women in Parliament
2) A new Governor General
3) Continuation of the positive economic outlook for PNG
4) Oro Restoration Authority doing some real recovery  work with the K20 million allocation
5) New captain for Australian cricket team but not Clarke
6) Flashes of brilliance in new uniforms for Air Niugini flight crew


Steve Bennett said...

I'd like to see Watson given the Captaincy, I think he will handle the extra pressure with maturity!

Euralia Paine said...

Hussey would take my vote any day, even though his age is an issue. Watson lacks the oooooomph.



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