Joyce Madu was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was living in Australia six years years ago & has has had successful treatment.She spoke to staff here at Nambawan Super during lunch-hour last Friday and stressed the need for constant self-examination of breasts by women. Her story is one of early detection, support from family and the nurses in Australia. Two months ago she established the PNG Breast Cancer Foundation to provide a support group to women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Below is her story.

"This year, 2009 is my sixth year after diagnosis of breast cancer. My life living with breast cancer was very difficult, challenging and fearful as it was a journey of the unknown.

Living a happy life and given what every woman would want, I never thought one day I would be a victim of the deadly disease called breast cancer. I would only say that it was truly a miracle that my husband asked me to take our 3 sons to Australia for education.

While in Australia my diagnosis of cancer was done and I had an opportunity to be treated. My treatment included having masectomy and chemotheraphy radiation.

With the dedicated support from my family and good Doctors I have been given a successful treatment. Also constant support from a cancer support group had helped me to be very positive and strong, hence I have made my way back to normal life - a wonderful life I almost lost.

Breast cancer has changed my life completely and today I look at things from the other side of the coin. I am thankful for all the encouragement and confidence many people gave me to come this far to be with other women. I am touched, motivated and have the conviction to take a step further by helping other women by counselling them to live positively.

Helping and educating women on how to know and look out for breast cancer at an early age can have a better chance of successful treatment. The voluntary work that I have been doing over the last 5 years has brought many women together but still I find there are more women to reach out to.

October is International Breast Cancer Awareness month. I salute mothers and sisters of this great nation - Papua New Guinea - in whatever spheres of life you are in.

Be Breast Aware by doing self-examination. Remember - early detection is the key to successful treatment."

 For more information contact :

Port Moresby Cancer Relief Society 
P.O. Box 5954
Boroko, NCD
Papua New Guinea

Ph -  +675 311 3286 
Facsimile - +675 323 2087
email -




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