By Maureen Gerawa

Poverty is a growing issue in Papua New Guinea and the Government and its partners have been urged to do all they can to tackle it.

This was also a commitment made by 189 countries, including PNG to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDG). A small group gathered on Friday in Port Moresby, mostly staff of the United Nations agencies and representatives from Government agencies like the Ombudsman Commission took time out to participate in the "STAND UP AND TAKE ACTION" - a global campaign in support for the fight against poverty and the achievement of the MDG.

The groups are calling on world leaders to deliver on their MDG commitments as the deadline to deliver is 2015.

There are eight (8) MDG goals:

1) Eradicate poverty
2) Achieve universal primary education
3) Promote gender equality
4) Reduce child mortality 
5) Improve maternal health
6) Combat HIV / AIDS
7) Ensure environmental sustainability
8) Create a global partnership for development


islandmeri said...

This is a great campaign and the more people talk about it and expose it the better it is for a strong voice and pro-activeness to grow within the community. Tackling poverty is a massive mission. There are many different kinds of poverty. As far as the MDGs are concerned, PNG is one of those countries that may not be able to reach the targets by 2015. What's would be the impact on PNG's development agenda then?


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