City Pharmacy opens in Oro Province

When I was in Popondetta last week, I noticed that much work had been done on the Post Office building which is a focal point in the town area.

Traditionally and prior to the advent of mobile phones, the town Post Office was the central meeting place of people coming in from rural areas or around town - (1) to use the telephones (2) to check for "salim money quick" receipts (where relatives from other centres wire money through) and, (3) to collect & post mail.

The Post Office is still a popular congregating address in town and it is good to see that the City Pharmacy is piggy-backing on this popularity by setting up its Pharmacy in the Post Office premises. Not only that, the City Pharmacy has renovated the building and opened its newest branch this week in a snazzy outfit.

The new City Pharmacy will provide the small town with essential medicinal supplies and pharmaceutical products over the counter.The opening of Popondetta branch is part of City Pharmacy's strategy to ensure that much-needed medicines and health supplies are distributed through the district level.

The CEO for Popondetta Hospital recently expressed the woes of the province whereby many vulnerable people including mothers and children were finding it very difficult to get basic health care and medicines due to lack of infrastructure or just lack of medicines & health supplies in the province.

 I think the new City Pharmacy will assist in alleviating this problem.


Oman's Collective Intelligence said...

hi, nice blog. I now know more about this beautiful country.


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