One of the things I have discovered over the years is to make New Year Resolutions as practical and achievable as possible. And in that vein, one of my New Year Resolutions was to add a few very vital gadgets on my blogsite to not only attract visitors but to keep a track of who is visiting me.

Thanks to Malum Nalu, I can now see who is visiting, who is reading what, & work out what topics are of more interest to my readers. Malum, as many of you would know, is a PNG journalist who runs a very reputable blogsite and already has a prolific following. He spent about 25 minutes with me on Thursday afternoon to go through my blogsite and  to answer some of the queries I had. You will now notice that I have a Counterstats gadget which indicates how many visitors I have had since 31st December 2009 (that is the date I installed the gadget even though I have been blogging since August 2009).
I know...I know... I am a bit slow when it comes to technology..I think you call people like me technologically-challenged?? Now that I have explained all that, let me move on with my other New Year Resolutions.

First & foremost - I wish for World Peace. Ooops  sorry that's too high & mighty. Let me begin again.

1) I will not pick a fight with anyone - not even with Watson when he makes an aggressive gesture at Gayle after bowling out the Windies captain; nor with Bollinger even if he lies about catching a Pakistani batsman when the ball had bounced on the ground.

2) I will be patient with my family - even though they support the opposing cricket team at the Test, 20/20 & One-Day-Internationals.

3) I will lift dumb-bells & weights while I am watching cricket so I do not look like I am being idle and not exercising.

4) I will cut down on time spent watching TV - oh.....maybe just the sitcoms, the CSIs & movies.

5) I will walk at a much quicker pace up the 153 steps to my house everyday so that I can improve my cardio and my legs.

6) I will practice humility -  in light of the fact that I was voted Female Manager of the Year 2009 by my peers / the staff at Nambawan Super where I work.

Well - there I said them. They may not necessarily occur in that order but I promise to do a Review of the Resolutions in June 2010 to see how I am faring.

Once again - HAPPY 2010  &  happy blogging!!


Malum Nalu said...

Love your resolutions and all the best for 2010.


Euralia Paine said...

Thank you Malum na wankain long you.



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