Gazelle International Hotel set to begin operations in July

The countdown is on at Kokopo in East New Britain with the Gazelle International Hotel scheduled to begin operations in early July. 

Papua New Guinea’s latest International Hotel is nearing completion. Final stages of construction will be completed within the next weeks, leaving painting and fitting of furnishings to finish off this massive project.

Developed by the Lamana Group of Companies, the Hotel is being operated by Gazelle international Hotel Limited, in a tripartite ownership by Nambawan Super,  Airways Hotel and the East New Britain Provincial Government.
The construction phase has employed in excess of 200 people over the past 18 months and ongoing operations as Gazelle International Hotel will see 100 team members employed.
Mike and Jane Garvey, both Kiwis, will manage the Hotel. 

Mr Garvey said, “We have started recruiting in anticipation of an intensive training program. An Internationally renowned trainer will be dedicating hours to ensure team members deliver service and standards appropriate for such a beautiful property and location. The response to advertisements placed was overwhelming. 3000 applications were received with 700 coming from East New Britain Province alone. 

"To maintain the local focus and friendliness most of the team will be from the Province. I am impressed with the standard of applicants and their desire to be a part of our team. Unfortunately there are a large number of applicants who will be disappointed as they have not had the opportunity to prove themselves. Team members chosen will indeed have a great opportunity to provide service to our guests in a Hotel and environment to be proud of.” 

Gazelle International Hotel is themed on Emma Eliza Coe,[ 1850-1913] referred to as “Queen Emma” of the South Seas with key areas of the Hotel named in her honour. 

Mr Garvey said; "We are privileged to offer a safe haven to the preservation of the “Queen Emma” steps, protected in the north western corner of the property. These steps originally leading to Queen Emma’s two story residence are sited looking out over the Ralum Golf Course and the ocean beyond. This conjures thoughts of a bygone era, of grandeur and tradition which surrounded Queen Emma and her entourage."

Her business acumen, interests and gestures of good will are legendary throughout the South Pacific dating back to the late 1800’s. 

Facilities available at Gazelle International Hotel include Emma’s Restaurant, Chino’s Coffee Shop, Club Coe Entertainment and Bar area, Pool and Conferencing for 150 participants. 

Business presentations, Conferences, meetings, social gatherings, family celebrations are all activities catered for in this purpose built venue. The Pool area is adjacent to the Conference Room and is an ideal location for outdoor entertaining. The well appointed guest rooms are a haven for the business or leisure guest. 

The views from the Hotel rooms of Tavurvur volcano smoking, and the oceans are awe inspiring and provide the backdrop to any guests’ memorable stay in Kokopo, East New Britain Province.



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