Nambawan Super Invests in 'Ethics Symposium'

Nambawan Super has donated K10, 000.00 towards the staging of the “Ethics Symposium” at the Divine Word University in Madang later this year.

The donation was made at a ceremony attended by 72 Business, Management & Accounting students at the Madang campus.

This will be the fourth year for the symposium to be staged and is the first time such a large donation has been made towards assisting with the event.

Nambawan Super Managing Director, Mr Leon Buskens expressed the need for young people such as graduates from Divine Word University to be mindful of ethical issues as they embrace the challenges that will be brought on by multi-million kina projects like the PNG LNG, Ramu Nickel and the Pacific Marine Industrial Zone (PMIZ).

He said students now are entering more interesting times as compared to the previous generation and the key to their successes will depend on how they take on their responsibilities as leaders in their families, households, communities and the country as a whole.

“Nambawan Super is playing a small but important role in promoting ethical behaviour in institutions, communities and work places through our support of the Ethics Symposium. We believe that such symposiums are vital in creating debate and raising awareness about the developments that are taking place in the country;” said Mr Buskens.

“Students entering the workforce in the next couple of years will be at the forefront of unsurpassed developing changes and as future leaders, they need all the guidance and assistance they can get. As leaders of tomorrow, the onus is on them to start considering what sort of legacy they want to leave behind for future generations.”

The Secretary of the 2010 DWU Business Studies Ethics Symposium Organising Committee, Mr Ben Simon expressed his sincere appreciation and gratitude to Nambawan Super for the 
K10, 000.00 sponsorship.

“The sponsorship demonstrates the kind of corporate commitment Nambawan Super has towards important events and activities that are geared towards improving human society. Your commitment to assist is noteworthy and will surely go a long way in achieving our objectives we have set for the symposium this year,” he said.

 The theme for this year's symposium is: "Ethics in the Distribution of Wealth: The PNG Experience". The theme has been chosen in light of the current boom in the resources sector of the nation, especially spurred on by developments in the PNG LNG gas project and other mineral and resources developments taking place in the country.

Mr Simon said; “What concerns most of us in light of these developments is how these immense wealth to be generated will benefit the bulk of the population or, how it will be translated into tangible developments for resources owners as well as for the country as a whole.”

Several high profile speakers have been invited to attend the Ethics Symposium including Managing Director of Esso Highlands, Mr Peter Graham.

The symposium is scheduled for 3rd of September 2010.


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