Operation Open Heart 2010

The Operation Open Heart program has been going for 17 years and it is regarded as the most successful non-political partnership between PNG and  Australia. It is a program whereby about  50 Australian volunteer specialist nurses, doctors, anesthetists and other support staff travel to Port Moresby every year to perform miracle surgeries to give life to numerous Papua New Guineans with heart defects.

Briefly :- 
  • 680 patients have had heart operations in the last 17 years
  • This year could see another 60 or so patients, particularly children, benefit
  • Volunteer doctors and nurses will be arriving next month (July 1) to perform the operations over 1 week. These medical specialists pay for their own airfares and take time to come to PNG usually during their vacations.
  • The money raised through various fundraising activities and corporate pledges go towards – patients airfares/accommodation/medicines; diesel and upkeep of generator at the Port Moresby general hospital to avoid power cuts during the life-saving operations; hire of 2 x heart/lung machines from the Royal Children’s hospital in Melbourne – amongst other things
  • Last week,  mother-daughter Australian music divas Marcia & Deni Hines performed 2 concerts in Port Moresby; 1 at the National Parliament and another at the Country Club and raised funds for the Operation Open Heart
 For donations towards this wonderful cause, call the Chief Executive Officer at the Port Moresby general hospital.



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