The sound of blow flies buzzing over a rotting bull carcass

This is a plea to FIFA from Papua New Guinea where many of us are glued to the TVs at odd hours of the morning to watch the World Cup….please ban the vuvuzela or those plastic horns.

They make the ugliest sound I have ever heard, annoying particularly as its monotony overrides the games broadcast on television. The humming sound goes on for hours. We have now renamed it the “sound of blow flies buzzing over a rotting bull carcass”.

It’s probably the most un-South African thing to say but bear with us. We have to wake up at midnight or 4am to watch the games and…..yes you can imagine our frustration at not getting a clear crisp broadcast and commentary.

My 8-year-old nephew, a sports-mad junior soccer player, sat up after the Opening Ceremony and kept asking me when vuvuzela noise would stop.

“If it was me, I would have stopped a long time ago, from the pain in my mouth,” he quipped. But he sat and thoroughly enjoyed the Argentinian’s fancy footwork and equally superb performance by the Nigerian players.

Sadly “our” Team Socceroos were not spared by the German mean machine. The humiliating mauling left the Soceroos supporters across Australia and the world deflated. That awful decision against Tim Cahill is unforgivable. We can only hope that the Soceroos can take away the experience as a learning curve and do better against the Ghanians, or whoever they play.

Go World Cup…….Stop the Vuvuzela!!


Anonymous said...

You aren't alone in complaining about the vuvzelas. British people are desperate for the noise to be stopped and it has been talked about on live TV in the past two days.

And I agree it does sound like the blow flies buzzing over a rooting animal carcass.


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